022 - Lisbon, by night - Portugal

We have already seen the railways of Lisbon and the city during the summer sun, so for us this meant only one thing: Let’s have another look at Lisbon, in a different light!

022.1 Mythical sea creatures, Vasco da Gama, mini-Donald Ducks and modern day “heroes” are painted on the wall of Oriente Metro Station. The theme of this art is actually the Ocean (and humans who kill the Ocean creatures).

022.2 Since I am a huge railway fan, I wanted to take a picture also of the metro line (in Lisbon) and I was lucky that from the opposite direction metro came first and here it is, waiting on the other side :D

022.3 Metro station Chellas, seems to also have an oceanic theme, looking more like the colourful coral reef floor. The only thing that breaks the illusion is the floor … they could have made it more yellow to mimic the sand.

022.4 I “wonder” what this one is about but personally, it makes me feel like I am at the Pompidou museum (in Paris) or in one of Jules Verne’s worlds. Again there are other elements that break the illusion but it is a pretty awesome station.

022.5 And since we talked about metros and trains, why not also include the famous yellow tramway (to be honest, many countries around the world have this type of tram). I wish that the tramway had the old pantograph, so that it is more authentic looking. I remember in my country when they had the old one that had to be lowered when crossing some areas or it would fall, and the conductor would go outside with a wooden stick and a hook, and try to put it back. We did not take this tramway in Lisbon because it was full, and at nightfall it was better outside than inside :D

022.6 This is still the main square in Lisbon – Praca do Comercio, but the tramway left already.

022.7 This is one of the more difficult images to take for several reasons: first the moon kept getting covered by clouds and anyway it was so bright, compared to the boat… This is a great clue for modern day phone cameras! Secondly, because the long exposure photo (1 second exactly) made it that the river was making the boat constantly move. So even the big text would not be much visible. Well with patience, we waited for things to calm down and at some point I got it. The yellow boat, in a yellow city that has yellow buildings, trains and trams, and yellow t-shirts and yellow … you get the idea :D

022.8 Speaking about having a hard time making a photo, this picture (24th of April bridge) was even harder to make. I used one of those pillars used to tie the boat to the shore, and put the camera on it - so I was not moving the camera at all. What I think is that I cannot take a photo with a zoom lens (135mm) because of all the humidity rising from the water, into the atmosphere, and since I am at one second exposure, well it has a problematic effect on the picture. During the day I might be at 1/800th of a second, so the effect of humidity is hundreds of times less evident.

022.9 This 3d model of the bridge was one of the most complicated ones I had to do (for the hexagons of Portugal) because I had a lot of existing data on the web, so I could even see how the different steel plates are fixed, so the challenge was how to make something fast (almost as fast as the one I did for Oporto - Porto) and that will not kill my computer when I try to make an animation. It took me a week to finish (working after coming home) and It is a model that has a lot of parameters to make it taller, larger, in different colours and even detail… The model is split into 3 areas. The main one, is the deck (top and lower) that is repeated 47 times to make the total length. So yeah 47 light posts, 47 times 3 traverses and so on. Even the rail, that seems to be one seamless object, is actually split in 47. I did not know how long I wanted to make the bridge. Next are the pillars, also made by repeating an area and then the tension cables. In fact, that's where I spent the most time working in 3D, trying to get the curvature right.

022.10 Speaking of lights and trams, we were waiting (close to Praca do Comercio) next to the tram tracks to “catch” something wow. After probably 20-25 minutes, the only yellow light that we caught was from:… taxi of course! Anyway I don’t think we would have had a great photo if the tram would have passed, because we were too close and we would have just got a huge yellow/white line that probably would have looked like a snake. Also in this picture we can see that even cars don’t follow the line :))

022.11 Santa Justa Elevator. This elevator was built in the 1900s and I am glad to say that it was made in Portugal by them, but the resemblance with the Eiffel company comes from the extensive use of iron and rivets, a very common technology in that period of time. (unlike today... glass everywhere.)

022.12 The elevator rises 45 metres and it has two wooden (decorated) cabins.

022.13 This is Rossio Square, during the night. I forgot to mention that in this trip I did not take a tripod so in this case I actually use some marble spheres that are on the pavement, some 1 metre in diameter, that most people use to sit on. I did a bunch of photos of passing cars (with long exposure) but the one that I like most is this shot. Here we see the statue of Dom Pedro IV, museum of National Guard (with violet lights) and the ruins of Carmo (that I regret not seeing on this trip).

022.14 Speaking of Rossio Square, here is the Rossio Station, the most fitting place to depart towards Sintra! In the previous article I featured another image, from a distance, but I also like this angle as it gives the feeling that we are about to enter. In reality, we did not leave from here to Sintra, but from Oriente Station and I really don’t mind that. (see also previous articles)

022.15 The hill where the Sao Jorge Castle sits, has been fortified since the first century BC and it stood against Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors. Finally, it became Portuguese after the 12th century... quite a troubled history that one, don’t you think?

022.16 Lisbon City Hall sitting nice and quiet :)

022.17 Here is one very interesting ceiling at one huge H&M store.

022.18 Speaking of lights, here is one final night shot of Lisbon EDP HQ.

I wrote three articles on Lisbon and I am sure to add at least one more in the future as I will most likely return for a third time.

Lisbon should not be skiped, unless, as described a few articles ago, the budget is 2 days in Portugal. In that case, just go to Sintra, it will absolutely be worth your time (make sure the palaces and estates are open, before planning to go).

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and it is major both in size, population and things to do and see.

We recommend visiting the whole Belem district, the central area with Praca do Commercio, the Castle and Carmo ruins and maybe add also the 98’ Expo area, which is more modern but very beautiful and perhaps an inspiration to modern day Dubai.

These articles are made based on our trip to Lisbon, while walking close to Tagus river.

Thank you for viewing this article and others, and hope this all helps you in any way!


Source: https://www.cidadeecultura.com/lenda-portuguesa/

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