026 - Goodbye Portugal, for now

This is the final article on Portugal, and thus is time to make a small recap before showing the very last location from Portugal (see it at the end of this article)

This series of articles, represent of journey through from North to South of Portugal.

We start with the beautiful border city and fortress, right at the northern border with Spain- Valenca do Minho.

001 - Valenca do Minho, a true EuroCity, connected with Tui (027) with more than just a bridge!

002. Next, we visit the city that the Ancient Romans feared to pass - Ponte de Lima and the ancient bridge.

003 + 004 The capital of youth, with the most students and also most beautiful churches - Braga

005. The famous wine valley - Douro Valley

006. The romantic and colourful Porto (Oporto) (we visited this city many times and will return to it again and again)

007. Gaia with the wine cellars - famous for the Porto Wine.

008. The Earth old caves - Grutas da Moeda

009. Sauropods footprints at Serra de Aire

010. Recently witnessed miracles and the sanctuary from Fatima

011. World Record breaking waves at Nazare.

012. The most romantic, well preserved and beautiful fortress city - Obidos

013. The natural reserve at Peniche

014. The Portuguese capital of dinosaurs at Lourinha

015 - 019 The magnificent, unique, and truly a must see place - our pick for 5 starts -> Sintra (5 articles)

020- 022 The historic and reborn capital city - Lisbon (3 articles)

023. The westernmost point of Eurasian continent - Cabo da Roca

024. The magnificent Christmas spectacle that can be seen all over the country - (in this article: Braga to Ponte de Lima)

025. The land of legendary animals - Vila Nova de Cerveira

These are the 25 articles of Portugal and in some regard, they can be considered as the minimum to see. Portugal might be far from Eastern Europe as it is from Scandinavian Peninsula or from China , India and Japan, however some places really deserve the time and money.

When I lived in Galicia (North West of Spain) I met a family who came from New Zealand just to visit Sintra and Lisbon. They ended up renting a RV car and voyaging north to Santiago de Compostela (future article). Back then this website was colorpixel.org (now someone else took the domain) and I was showing it on my phone to that family and since it was summer, I told them to go back and visit the beautiful rose garden at Ponte de Lima + the old roman bridge. Then I showed them some other close by, great places to visit, here in Galicia and…

Well I guess it is time to move this website over to Galicia, with our first article being 027 - Tui (city of bishops).

However, before doing just that, here is Melgaco.

026.1 Melgaco is located close to the border with Spain, also in the North of Portugal, just like Valenca do Minho (our first article 001) also separated by the Minho river.

026.2 The main attraction is Castelo de Melgaço - with the Torre de Menagem (that can also be visited)

026.3 Apart from Torre de Menagem, there are various churches and even a film/cinema museum.

026.4 In typical Portuguese fashion, flowers ornate the doors and walls.

026.5 Igreja da Misericórdia, fairly small and intimate.

026.6 Igreja Matriz de Melgaço

026.7 Melgaco for us is not really the last place we visited in Portugal, is just like Valenca (001) a start.

We do plan to return someday, and maybe this time, we from Melgaco, and go south again, through Penada region, on the mountains that face the eastern border with Spain. Our first voyage 001-026 focused mostly on the western/atlantic side of Portugal.

There is also the southern part to be done, however that side of Portugal is really packed with tourists, during the vacations. Some will venture north to Lisbon and Sintra, however most will go to the mediteranean side of Portugal. Where I live in France, I have quite a few Portuguese families and during the summer they all go in the south of their national country. My friends and people I know also go there during the summer, so it has to be packed :)

Thank you a lot for seeing any of these 26 articles on Portugal, and hope you join us again, on SPAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY, UK and so on.


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